Motor racing is growing in staggering numbers and Nascar is right at the top. The sport only has one race a week but there is all kinds of different things to bet on at internet sportsbooks. The odds offered are much better early in the week before qualifying but you take a huge risk if you have not done the right research. If you know what you are doing then there is plenty of money to be made every race.

The bad thing about betting on Nascar is that you have no control over that loser that is a lap down and catches your driver up in a wreck. Most of the different ways to bet on Nascar are not available until after qualifying is over or until the day of the race. Here is a list of some possible ways to bet on Nascar at most of the different internet sportsbooks.

Betting On Nascar

Race Winner – This is the quite obviously the toughest bet to hit but the odds usually start off big even for the big name drivers. This bet is usually the only one that is available before the start of qualifying but can change dramatically as different sessions go on during the week. You will usually have about 20 different different drivers to choose from as well as a bet to pick the rest of the field that does not have odds up. Picking the field is not a very good bet because most of the drivers that have a realistic shot at winning have odds.

Top 3 or Top 5 – This bet is safer than picking the winner but can still be tricky. You need to pick out a driver and all he has to do is finish in at least the top 3 or 5, whichever you bet. This makes for a much less stressful bet when you have those few extra spots to finish in. This is another bet that is not open usually until after qualifying or the same day as the race.

Heads Up – This is a much easier bet to hit than picking the winner or top 5. All you have to do is pick out one of the matchups that are available for each race and pick out the driver you think will win. There is often a bunch of different matchups but you will not always find the perfect one. The odds vary on this based on the drivers in each matchup. You can often not find this bet as an option until the day of the race.

Online Betting On Nascar

Highest Finishing In A Group – This bet has a ton of different options to bet on Nascar. You will find groups of different sizes and drivers and you must pick out the one that finishes in front of the others in that group. There will be groups such as highest finishing chevy or just random drivers thrown together. You will likely not be able to find this bet either at least until after qualifying or the day of the race.

These are most of the ways that are available for people to bet on Nascar. The trick to having a winning Sunday is to search around until you find a good value bet. As with any gambling, be responsible and do not bet more than you can afford to lose.

Betting On Nascar
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